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Errant driver crashes into mechanic shop, injuring worker

Workplace accidents can take many shapes. Most commonly we think of on the job injuries being suffered in accidents that are directly related to work duties being performed. For example, warehouse workers may suffer an injury after being crushed or pinned by a forklift, while construction workers may be harmed from a scaffolding fall or and collapsing trench. While these types of situations are certainly common, they are not the only way that a workplace injury can be suffered.

Qualified medical examiners and the return to work determination

Workers' compensation benefits can be a financial lifesaver for those Californians who are injured on the job and as a result find themselves unable to work for a period of time. Although it may seem relatively simple to obtain and retain these benefits, it can actually be quite challenging. When issues regarding one's ability to qualify for benefits arise, it may be wise to acquire the assistance of an attorney who is adept at handling these types of legal cases.

California enacts new regulations to protect hotel workers

No one should have to put their health and safety on the line just to perform their job duties. Yet, this is the case for nearly every Californian. Even those who seem to work in the safest of environments can be at risk of injury or death. In many instances, this damage is caused slowly over time, which can make it difficult to identify and prevent. However, the state of California is being proactive in its attempt to protect workers, as its recent enactment of certain regulations show.

Worker killed in cement factory accident

Going to work should never be an event that is feared, but the sad truth of the matter is that no profession is immune from workplace accidents. Teachers can be hurt while lifting boxes, pizza delivery drivers can be hurt in an auto accident, and police officers can be injured when arresting a suspect. Regardless of one's profession, he or she needs to know what he or she can do after being injured on the job, as the aftermath of a workplace accident can leave him or her with serious losses. These losses can include lost wages and medical expenses.

Experienced firm handling workers' comp and 3rd party claims

Those who are injured in a workplace accident can find themselves struggling to reclaim their health and get back to work. It can be an uphill battle, complicated by a number of legal issues. Workers' compensation, of course, is one of the best ways for these individuals to recover compensation, but even recovering these benefits can be challenging. Even if workers' compensation benefits are obtained, they may not be enough to cover the full extent of one's losses, which is why, as we discussed previously on the blog, it may be beneficial to consider pursuing an additional third-party claim, if warranted.

Workers' compensation and third-party claims

Recovering compensation can be critical in the aftermath of a workplace accident. Injured workers who are forced to take time off may be unable to obtain a wage, which can be problematic for anyone, let alone someone who incurs extensive medical expenses. As we have often discussed on this blog, those who suffer an on-the-job injury may be able to recover money through the workers' compensation system. In short, these injured workers will need to show that their injury was caused or exacerbated by an incident at work that occurred while the individual was performing his or her work duties.

When can I sue my employer?

A workplace injury can bring your world to a crashing halt. Even a minor injury may hamper your ability to work and cause you pain and suffering that interferes with your daily life. In the hours and days following your injury, you may replay the accident in your mind, allowing your emotions to take over.

Which injuries qualify for workers' compensation?

On its surface, the workers' compensation system can seem fairly straight-forward: if you are injured on the job then you can be compensated for your medical expenses and lost wages. While this may be true to a certain extent, the matter is often much more complicated than that. Those who are left unaware of this fact can wind up having their claims denied. When this happens, an injured worker can face significant financial hardship as he or she tries to reclaim his or her health and get back to work. Therefore, it is crucially important that injured workers understand the workers' compensation system in its entirety.

Can communication change perception of pain?

A workplace injury can take many different shapes. Some workers suffer repetitive stress injuries, while others are crushed by moving machinery. Others suffer cuts when moving materials or broken bones when they fall from scaffolding. The list of potential injuries goes on and on. Yet, one type of injury, a back injury, accounts for about one-third of all workers' compensation injuries, which means that medical diagnoses and treatment of these injuries is critical to ensuring that workers can get back to their jobs.

Workers' compensation death benefits in California

An accident in the workplace can wreak havoc on an individual's life. It might leave him or her with serious injuries that require extensive medical care, and it may knock him or her out of work, thereby affecting one's income. Those individuals who are seriously injured may wind up with a permanent disability, which can directly impact their quality of life for years or decades. Yet, these damages, while quite severe, are nothing compared to the loss felt by those who lose a loved one in an on-the-job accident.

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