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Be prepared by knowing the steps to take after an accident

It may not be easy to hear, but the chances that you will be involved in an automobile accident at some point in your life seem to be increasing. More drivers on the road combined with faster speeds and more distractions add up to a dangerous combination. It is likely that you already know this since you pay your insurance premiums on time and fasten your seat belt when you get into a vehicle.

Should I settle my accident case or go to trial?

After your accident, you may have spent a lot of your recovery thinking about how to pay for your medical care. While your insurance may have covered some of the costs, you may also have out-of-pocket expenses that have crippled your budget. Additionally, there is the principle of the thing if the accident that caused your injuries was the result of someone else's negligence or recklessness.

Is your pilot fit to fly?

If you fly regularly, you may have found a way to overcome the natural nervousness many feel when boarding an airplane at San Diego International Airport. However, even if you take a flight only occasionally, your confidence in the pilot is often a comforting thought. After all, pilots are well trained and experienced before they take over in the cockpit.

I've been scheduled for a deposition. What does that mean?

If you suffered an injury while at work, you have more than likely already applied for workers' compensation benefits. However, you may have discovered that you could pursue additional compensation from a third party such as a manufacturer or motorist, among others, depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident. You may have determined that filing a lawsuit against that third party could help you obtain much needed compensation not provided by your workers' compensation benefits.

Determining liability after a tour bus accident

Every driver is expected to exercise caution behind the wheel. New drivers learn about defensive driving skills and the great responsibility they have to avoid behaviors that may cause injury to others. There are some drivers, however, whom you may expect to use even more care. For example, you certainly hope your grandchild's school bus driver or the tractor trailer driver hauling a tank of flammable liquid is not impaired or texting behind the wheel.

Compensation for your pain and suffering after an accident

A car accident can change your life in an instant, leaving you with physical injuries and financial losses that can affect your life in many ways. California readers who experienced the traumatic effects of an accident know that recovery can be extensive, expensive and stressful.

Who is most likely to drive while distracted?

California readers know that distracted driving is a serious issue, and it is a direct threat to the health and well-being of every individual on the roads. Even one moment of distraction can lead to serious consequences, yet despite the clear dangers of this behavior, many people continue to drive while distracted.

Are your headaches a sign of traumatic brain injury?

When you heard the impact of the other car smashing into yours on a California highway, you may have thought it was the end. Thankfully, you survived, and rescue workers got you to the nearest hospital in the nick of time for treatment of your injuries. Since then, you have spent weeks working your way back to good health and have been thankful for the many people who are part of your support network. It's the headaches that have you worried.

Did another driver's smoking habit lead to your injuries?

If you navigate California highways on a regular basis, you surely have your work cut out for you. Heavy traffic and reckless drivers may put your life at risk. It can be downright terrifying to be traveling along uneventfully and suddenly notice a car in your rear view mirror barreling up behind you, dangerously close to your bumper. You've likely also experienced what it's like to feel the gust of wind a speeding tractor-trailer causes as it passes.

Unsecured loads and road debris can cause deadly accidents

Every person behind the wheel of a vehicle has the responsibility to properly attach and secure any load that he or she is carrying, whether it is a privately owned vehicle or a commercial vehicle. From furniture to small pieces of trash, there can be deadly consequences when something falls off a moving vehicle.

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