San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys

San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys O'Mara and Padilla

Our mission at O’Mara & Padilla is to provide exceptional representation to injured consumers and workers. We apply our core principles to every potential case at our office, and as such, our success as litigators is reflected by the hearts and minds of our previous clients.

What does exceptional representation mean to you?

When you contact a San Diego personal injury attorney at O’Mara & Padilla for your personal injury case, you can expect:

Full and Fair Compensation for your Personal Injury Case

If you have suffered a serious injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you deserve fair compensation from the responsible party. Our team of San Diego personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers, paralegals, investigators, and support staff understand the remedies available, and we pride ourselves on working towards each client receiving full and fair compensation.

Contingency Basis

Once we take your personal injury case, you don’t need to worry about finding the money to pay us, as our fees will be paid on a contingency basis out of the proceeds of your recovery. In other words, if we fail to obtain a recovery on your behalf, you are under NO OBLIGATION to pay us for our time.

Depth of Experience

Another important factor you can rely on is our depth of experience, which includes representing people just like you who were injured in accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, heavy equipment, bicycles, boats, trains and aircraft, as well as representation of those injured by defective products, unsafe property conditions and toxic exposure.

Honest and In-depth Evaluation

We carefully review each personal injury case we receive and you can expect an honest and in-depth evaluation of your situation. We can then begin gathering, securing and maintaining all essential evidence critical to the success of your case.

Thorough Understanding

In order to truly obtain a full and complete recovery for the harm you have suffered, we will work with you to thoroughly understand your injury and medical history, and how that injury has impacted your quality of life today, as well as it may in the future. At the law firm of O’Mara & Padilla, we assess your harm and loss based on an understanding of your work, recreation, family and social life, and always approach each investigation with the utmost respect. We take pride in being courteous, accessible, responsible and thorough in meeting your needs, because our success is based on open and honest communication between us.

A Legacy of Excellence in San Diego

Each San Diego personal injury attorney at O’Mara and Padilla has an established legacy of excellence, and is fully prepared to commit the time and resources required to stand up to insurance companies and other entities to secure the justice you deserve.